Barbed Wire – Single & Double Strand for Security Protection

Barbed wireΒ is used for various security fencing and barriers. It can be laid directly on the ground, mounted on the top of fence or in rows as an independent barrier. To prevent corrosion, barbed wire is available in galvanized, PVC coated and stainless steel materials.

Barbed wire is regarded as an economical and effective protection measurement in both residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial applications.


  • Good corrosion resistant performance even in the moist environments.
  • Easy for installation.
  • Good isolation and protection performance.
  • Can be used with various wire mesh fences, such as chain link fence, welded wire fence and palisade fence.
  • Economical and effective protection measure.


  • Material: Materials: Q195 and Q235 or high tensile steel wire
  • Surface Treatment: Hot dipped Galvanized, Electro galvanized and PVC coated
  • Tensile Strength:
    • Soft: 380–550 N/mm2
    • High tensile: 800–1200 N/mm2
  • Package: Pallet package and bulk package
Galvanized barbed wire
Wire Diameter (BWG)Length (m/kg)
Barb Distance 3″Barb Distance 4″Barb Distance 5″Barb Distance 6″
12 Γ— 126.066.757.277.63
12 Γ— 147.337.908.308.57
12.5 Γ— 12.56.927.718.308.72
12.5 Γ— 148.108.819.229.562
13 Γ— 137.988.899.5710.05
13 Γ— 148.849.6810.2910.71
13.5 Γ— 149.6010.6111.4711.85
14 Γ— 1410.4511.6512.5413.17
14.5 Γ— 14.511.9813.3614.3715.10
15 Γ— 1513.8915.4916.6617.50
15.5 Γ— 15.515.3417.1118.4019.33
PVC Coated Barbed Wire
Wire DiameterBarbs distanceBarb length
Before coatingAfter coating
1.0–3.5 mm1.4–4.0 mm75–150 mm15–30 mm
BWG 20 – BWG 11BWG 17 – BWG 8
PVC coating thickness: 0.4–0.6 mm; different colors or length are available at customers request



Single strand

Normal twist double strand

Reverse twist double strand



PVC coated

Stainless steel


  • It can be used individually as barbed wire fences.
  • It is widely used combined with various wire mesh fences for additional security protection.


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