Military Fence


Military Fence – Chain Link Fence, 358 Mesh Fence & Welded Mesh Fence

Military fence, also known as military base fence, is a physical barrier placed along the military base where the highest possible security is required to prevent unauthorized access. Military base is always of paramount importance to national security. Therefore, military fence must be robust, rugged and durable to secure check points and ensure the safety of troops and operations. As military base varies in sizes and security requirements, therefore, the need for security fence and entry inspection also varies.

In addition, it is often used to protect military facilities. Typically, it works with electric fence, barbed wires, razor wires and other available toppings to increase its intrusion difficulty.

We have three types of security fence for military uses: chain link fence, curvy welded fence and 358 high security fence.

Wire Mesh Fence & Razor/Barbed Wire Combination

It commonly combines with razor wire or barbed wire to provide the highest possible security to secure the militarily base and safeguard the national borders.


Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is one of the most popular security fences in various military missions. Its low maintenance, excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance enable it suitable for almost all environments. Generally, chain link fence for barracks, guard towers and patrol dog area must be high enough and equipped with barbed wire, razor wire and other available toppings to increase the difficulty of climbing and intimidate intruders from accessing.


Curvy Wire Mesh Fence

It is a type of high quality welded mesh fence where wires in the horizontal and vertical direction are welded at their junctions. Its attractive appearance, rigid structure and excellent visibility make it become a popular security fence in military uses. It can be installed on the ground or on the wall to effectively prevent climbing and escaping. Its PVC coated surface enable it withstand harsh climate and corrosion environments. It is commonly used with barbed wire, razor wire and other available toppings to intimidate intruders from accessing.


358 High Security Fence

It is regarded as the highest grade of security fence as its mesh opening is so small, you cannot even put your finger on it, which makes it is almost impossible to be climbed and cut. It is deigned to be a robust, anti-climb and anti-cut barrier to provide high security protection. In addition, soldiers can observe the surrounding area via the mesh opening. It commonly combines with barbed wire, razor wire, wall spikes and other available toppings to increase its intrusion difficulty, crack down on smuggling and defense outside attacks.