Industrial Fence


Industrial Fence – Chain Link Fence, Welded Fence & 358 Security Fence

Industrial fence, also known as industrial fencing, is a security fence used in industrial premises to protect buildings and other assets from damage and theft when they are left unattended at night or on weekends. In addition, it also helps to establish exclusive and non-exclusive zones where the public is allowed to access to or not to realize effective access control and safeguard the security of various industry areas.

We have three types of security fence for industrial uses: chain link fence, curvy welded fence and 358 high security fence.

Wire Mesh Fence & Razor/Barbed Wire Combination

It may combine with razor wire or barbed wire to visually deter theft and provide better security protection for industrial properties.


Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is one of the most popular security fences among various industrial plants due to low maintenance costs and clear visibility. Furthermore, it may work with barbed wire and razor wire toppings to improve its security grade. It is widely used in various industrial areas like workshops, office buildings and warehouses to realize effective access control and safeguard the security of the industrial areas.


Curvy Welded Fence

It is a kind of specially designed welded wire mesh with V-shaped bending curves in its longitudinal direction. The curves on the panel increases the anti-climb performance and makes the fence more attractive. It can effectively keep unauthorized persons from accessing to factory or dangerous areas in the workshop to keep workers safe and protect industrial facilities from damage and theft.


358 High Security Fence

It is regarded as the highest grade of security fence as its mesh opening is so small, you cannot even put your finger on it, which makes it is almost impossible to be climbed and cut. It is generally used in places where high security is required.