Portable Corral Panels with Solid Structure and Long Service Life

Corral panel, also known as livestock panel, is a kind of welded steel tube fence for cattle, horse, sheep and other livestock. Generally, it is made of square, oval or round tubes and have high strength and solid structure. It can sit directly on the ground for temporary or permanent fencing to keep cattle or sheep safe and free from wild animal attacks. We have cattle & sheep panels of different heights, lengths and number of rails for you to choose from.



  • Comfort. It creates enough space allowing animals walk freely and making them feel safe, relaxed and ease.
  • Portable. It can be removed easily and can be transported to everywhere you want.
  • Sturdy. The high quality steel tube offers great strength and creates a sturdy structure without deformation.
  • Durable. High quality raw materials (galvanized steel tube) ensures its great corrosion, rust and weather resistance performances and extends its service life.
  • Versatile. A variety of specifications for cow, cattle or sheep at different grow stages.
  • Convenience. Easy & quick installation and removal.
  • Easy installation and removal. It connects with welded lugs and pins and can be installed and removed with one person.


A> Height:950 mm, 1000 mm, 1800 mm

B> Width:2100 mm, 2900 mm

C> Horizontal rail:Round rail (32 mm OD, 42 mm OD);
Square rail (40 × 40 mm, 50 × 50 mm); oval rail (30 × 60 mm, 40 × 80 mm, 42 × 115 mm, 50 × 70 mm)

D> Vertical pipe:Round pipe (32 mm OD, 42 mm OD);
Square pipe (40 × 40 mm, 50 × 50 mm)

E> Ulug

F> Llug


Rail type

According to the rail type, our corral panels can be divided into three types as shown below

Sheep panels – round rail style

Cattle panels – square rail style

Cattle panels – oval rail with square post style


Cattle panels & sheep panels are widely used in farms, pastures and other places for temporary or permanent security fence for cattle, sheep, horses and other large animals.


Our professional sales representatives will provide you the suggestions of wire mesh fence and applications. Just tell us your requirements and your problems, we will help you solve them.


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