Uncovering the Extra Benefits of Temporary Fence

We all know that many communities need to install temporary construction fencing, but have you ever stopped to consider the additional benefits of temporary fencing? Of course, the main concerns are safety and pedestrian protection, but let’s explore three extra benefits of panel or post fencing.

Project Boundaries
We’ve all seen (and sometimes made) the mistake where piles of materials and debris spread further and further from the project site. While not intentional, they sometimes spill over into neighboring plots or gardens. Remember the old saying, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Setting boundaries with post or panel fencing helps maintain order and keeps construction activities confined to the permitted area, maintaining good relationships with neighbors as much as possible.

Hanging Project Signs
While this is certainly true for commercial building applications, many residential builders also like to advertise their business and showcase what’s coming up on the development site. Whether it’s banners, plastic, wood, or metal signs, temporary chain link fencing is a quick way to erect signage using small zip ties. Just remember to take down the signs before removing the rental fence, or they might get thrown away.

Privacy Before the Big Reveal
We offer 6-foot and 8-foot high post and panel fences with privacy screens, providing an excellent way to block the view of the construction site from the street. Whether your community requires it or not, privacy screens are a great way to keep your project under wraps until you’re ready to showcase it.

People often think of temporary fencing as just another requirement or a box to tick, but it’s important to recognize the potential for additional advertising and neighborhood relations. You can start viewing temporary fencing as an asset to your business—an asset factored into the project cost. Looking for more ways to maximize the value of temporary fence? Contact our trained team of fencing rental experts to learn how other customers are leveraging rentals to boost brand image and exposure. Don’t forget to schedule your next temporary fence online or by phone: +86 18631807666.

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